"The Rajah"

1961 Heinkel Tourist A2. Kustom painted entirely with rattle cans, 31 altogether! Pinstripes by me, natch. Lowered suspension and stand. Photos made on the day of it´s presentation (17.5.04) in my living-room. Note matching bowling pin and Cheryl in background. A movie of it´s unveiling exists and will be shown here as soon as I figger out how. The pinstriping up front was altered a trifle later on. Plans for the future: Adding old tube radio in front hood with discman input socket, underfloor neon, lakes pipe, more chrome goop and antennas AND a Honda Helix Engine -look out for a "Honkel Tourix" in the future! Anybody got a "Campi" or other one-wheel trailer?

Data: 175 cc, 9 HP, 4-stroke engine, 148 kg weight, 95 km/h max. speed (on a sunny day, tailwind, downhill), temperament of an aged elephant. Riding this is, like, having a zen experience with everybody watching you.


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